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Want an attractive and well-crafted animation to give your upcoming project a boost? Our experts will be your helping hand through this to get you the best results.

How Can We Help?

Pistachio Studios have all that needs to realize the ideas and stories of our clients in a polished and efficacious way. We have devised, crafted, created, and delivered over 500 videos to different clients worldwide. You can get bespoke services as we create animations and videos that are fully custom made and tailored as per your requirements. We are a complete animation and video production company and our major service areas include:

Explainer Animated Videos

Explainer Animation Videos

product adverts

TV and Web Product Commercials


Animated and Interactive Infographics

educational Videos

Educational, Tutorials and ‘How-to’ videos

2D & 3D Short Films and Cartoon Series

2D & 3D Short Films
and Cartoon Series

music videos

Animated Music Videos


We’re just as excited about your idea as you are!

It takes a lot of backbreaking efforts of our team members to think, write, design, and produce the animations. That’s why the standard and quality of our animations and illustrations are unmatchable. Our skilled 2D and 3D animators go an extra mile to create animations that not only appeals the viewers, but also resonates with the audience. Our flawless 4-step production process streamlines everything. From conceiving your ideas to turning them into animated realities, this 4-step system make sure that each and every project gets its due individual attention.


Our clients

rolls royce

Why Choose Us?

Producing high quality and well-crafted animations without skipping even a minor detail is what we take pride in.

Award-winning team

Award-winning team

With our award-winning team and skilled 2D and 3D animators, we believe that we are able to meet the expectations and keep the trust of our worthy clients.

Specialized expertise

Specialized expertise

Our professionals have specialized expertise in each area they work on. We hire the best resources available in the market to ensure they deliver top-notch results. Quality is our foremost priority.

Unfettered support

Unfettered support

Our working methodology makes it easier for the clients to follow on the project and give their input if needed.

Research and Creativity

Research and Creativity

You will get original, well-crafted and high-end deliverables for your business. Our team members enjoy doing their jobs and have the creativity to bring new things and ideas on the table every time.

Our Journey


We started off our journey as a small level animation studio and, over time, grew into a team of certified and highly-qualified animators, illustrators, scriptwriters, sound and voice over experts. In our journey to date, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects to our clients worldwide. The satisfaction of our customers is the prime thing to us and we put our backbreaking efforts to deliver top-quality end results.

The success we enjoy today is due to the support of our clients and the grueling hard work of our team members. We have earned a status of being among the most trusted companies in Portugal and worldwide. We started our career as a small studio in Portugal and now have a clientele in different regions of the world.


Our Team


Claudio Sa

Creative & Managing Director


Tatiana Duarte

Finance Director


João Jacinto

3D Generalist

Erica Laranjo



Gustavo Baia

2D Animator, Rigger

Ágata Melquíades

Acount Manager


Rui Cipriano

Motion Designer, Animator


Matt Oglesby

Sound Designer, Composer

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Are you looking for a top-notch and most aesthetically pleasing ideas for your upcoming project? Pistachio Studios knows that creative designs and animations are more than just drawing creative visuals. Contact us now for a free consultation and enjoy a hassle-free experience.