Mr. Jaime

Biographic animated short film

Mr. Jaime

Animated short film based on the life of Jaime Umbelino and his story factory

“Mister Jaime” is an octogenarian passionate about literature and folk tales. At his home, he keeps a magical chest that takes him to a world full of stories and adventures! But with the news that his time is running out, Mister Jaime still has a dream to fulfill.

 This animated short film was directed by Claudio Sa and co-produced by Pistachio Studios. Ruy de Carvalho, one of the best portuguese actors of all time is the voiceover. This animation was selected and showcased in several film festivals around the world.

Mr. Jaime
Mr. Jaime
ruy de carvalho
Mr. Jaime
Mr. Jaime1

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