Animated film for StreetVet that provides free, accessible veterinary care to pets whose owners are experiencing homelessness, whether rough sleeping or in hostels.

StreetVet Dog Homeless

An emotional animation about the bond between a homeless man and his dog

Life on the streets makes it difficult to access the fundamental vet care required to ensure the health and vitality a pet deserve. StreetVet is a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and has been established by a dedicated team of professional vets and veterinary nurses to provide essential veterinary care and services to the pets belonging to the homeless, nationwide.

We created this animation in partnership with HelpFilm to promote StreetVet’s new Accredited Hostel Scheme.

The creative process

Concept artworts, storyboards, characters and backgrounds. Here’s a sneak peak at the behind-the-scenes of the animation production.

Concept art StreetVet
storyboard panels 1
storyboard panels 2
Background art Development StreetVet
Assets - Character Designs StreetVet
Compositing and rigging 2D cutout


Client: StreetVet
Agency/ Producer: HelpFilm
Animation Production: Pistachio Studios

Animation, Production & Sound: Cláudio Sá e Gustavo Baía
Script & Creative Direction: Alan Walsh

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